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Relax and Unwind

Mental health covers a wide range of things going on in our brain. Everyone wants to live a blissfully peaceful life but it is pretty hard to achieve. However, there are things that we can do to help reduce stress and negativity so we can focus more on the important things in our lives.

Check your diet.


As an example, a deficiency of Vitamin B12 can mask itself as depression, this leads to the patient to be put on anti-depressants, and the root cause of the problem never actually being addressed. My personalised recipe book ensures you get your recommended daily intakes of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, whilst providing enough variety so you get access to all of your vitamins and minerals.


Are you active?

"Exercise is the most under-utilised anti-depressant out there" The Elephant in the Room. Speaking from personal experience, exercise got me off my medication. 30 minutes a day is all it takes and you don't have to get a gym membership if you don't want to; find something you enjoy! Here are some ideas: walk, run, cycle, dancing, boxing, tennis, team sports, swimming, and of course any workouts this site has to offer. Exercise is as an activity that increases heart rate and breathing rate, so I only count golf if you're walking a lot...and fast...

Are you getting enough rest?

6-9 hours sleep is what you need. Your body needs time to recover from the day just gone and prepare itself for the day to come. If you feel tired, you are tired!


Have you tried treating yourself?

Making yourself feel better by treating yourself is a great idea. I'm not talking the kind of treats that are going to damage your body like comfort eating or binge drinking. You could buy yourself a new outfit or pamper yourself with goodies - have your own little spa day!

You can also try talking to someone.

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