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My name is Beth Emily. I am an Accredited Associate Nutritionist with a Masters degree in Human Nutrition. I have a bachelors degree in business management, and I have been training clients in gyms and studios in Surrey and Sussex since the age of 20. I'm currently saving the pennies to go back to university for two years to study to become a Dietician. 

Whilst studying my bachelors degree, I found an interest in an individual's daily productivity at work, and their overall performance over a longer period of time. Health and fitness keeps the mind sharp and focussed, and it reduces the likelihood of illness and the need to take time off work.

I then started to teach fitness classes at my local leisure centre whilst studying my Masters Degree in Nutrition. While studying I became particularly interested in metabolic diseases and eating disorders. I have suffered from disordered eating from the age of 16, it never leaves you, but by learning about it I have learnt how to control it.

With regards fitness, I much prefer teaching group fitness than one-to-one. I find if someone is having an off day, the rest of the group pulls them up and encourages them to smash it. I teach Body Pump, Freestyle Spin, Body Attack, Body Step, RPM, Grit Series, HIIT, Circuits, Core, Freestyle Aerobics, Clubbercise, Conditioning, Chair Choreography, and Beginners Pole Fitness. My next step is to complete my advanced pole instructor training. I am the Fitness manager of woking Sportsbox so I spend most of my time there, but I also pop over to Foxhills, David Lloyd and Nuffield to teach. You can download my class timetable here.

So by pulling all of my knowledge and experience together, I have written a recipe book which is personalised to each individual. It gives you exact measurements so you achieve your recommended daily intakes of energy, protein, fat, and carbs. It also provides enough variety that you should get access to all vitamins and minerals. You should not need to take supplements unless you have been advised to by your doctor or dietician. 

Finally I have a range of fitness clothing including a collaboration with Matt Watercolours, loungewear, and have partnered up with EagleLuxe to offer relaxation goodies! 


On a personal note, my dog is my world, we have matching onesies, her name is Luna, she is a Jug, and you can follow us on instagram @PocketRocketBeth